*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - What's liveVoyager?

What's liveVoyager?


Live Voyager 12.04 is a Linux distribution inspired by Xubuntu 12.04 and its desktop. Xubuntu is a derivation of Ubuntu Precise 12.04. Thanks to the preliminary work made by Xubuntu and Ubuntu team, it was possible to make this customization of about 950 MB in size. liveVoyager is a free GNU/Linux distribution that you can put on a DVD or in a USB stick to use it in Live session or to install it on your computer.

liveVoyager uses the AWN dock and, for the first time also has a customized system monitor Conky. The latter has a handler for 21 variants, with which you can launch multiple simultaneous controls.
There are also included several scripts and security tools, a startpage manager for Firefox.
As for the applications, you can use Minitubes, Pitivi, Screenlets, Darktable, Clémentine, RadioTray, Vlc, Jupiter, Cheese, Pulse Audio Equalizer, Deja Dup, Grub Customizer, BleachBit, Pare-Feu, Hotot, Thunderbird, Firefox, Pidgin, Abiword, Gnumeric, gthumb, Synapse, Tilda, Boot repair, and many other programs, themes, parental control.
In addition liveVoyager is based on a variant of Ubuntu minimal, with all the software and the PPA updated. So you can install this distribution on any computer, from the less powerful to one of the latest generation.

liveVoyager 12.04, is based on Xubutu 12.04, and is an LTS variant, that mean 3 years of support.
liveVoyager haven't his proper repository, but is based on Ubuntu 12.04 repos. For all updates questions, you can turn with confidence to the Ubuntu forum, and to liveVoyager forum 1 and 2.

Why use liveVoyager 12.04?

liveVoyager is a job well done that can be recommended to anyone who wants to begin its experience into the GNU/Linux world. Why liveVoyager 12.04?
Here are the top 10 reasons.

liveVoyager 12.04 derive from Xubuntu
liveVoyager is a distribution derived from a more reliable, documented and supported distro in existence today, called Xubuntu and from which are derived many other distributions. This means that liveVoyager is itself reliable, subject to constant improvements and beneficiary of the richest software repository in the world.
liveVoyager 12.04 is a Live/Installable distribution
liveVoyager was done as live distro, thus it's able to run without installation or change anything in your computer. In this way the distribution is browsable and usable even prior to its installation.
Furthermore you can install it from the same live session, without the need to download a special version. The installation can be performed with a user-friendly graphical tool.
liveVoyager 12.04 has a simple and easy installer
The liveVoyager installer consists of few simple windows that will guide you in small steps to complete installation of the system, allowing you to make the proper choices. The installation is a process that is completed in less than 20 minutes on modern systems and a little more on older one.
liveVoyager 12.04 has a lean and clean user interface
The developers have paid particular attention to the liveVoyager interface. The desktop is neat and easy to understand. The two panels in the top and bottom of the screen, containing tools and applets that allow a simple and practical use of all system tools and applications. The liveVoyager desktop has a very important usability.

Il desktop di liveVoyager

liveVoyager has the latest generation software
liveVoyager is provided with a large collection of software for almost any activity on the computer. You can enjoy the multimedia, office applications, web browsing apps, managing mail and downloads, sharing your files, setup an house network, and more. With LiveVoyager you can create various kind of graphics objects, with an instrument known and appreciated like GIMP.
In liveVoyager there is lot of management, and customization tools.
liveVoyager is a lighweight distribution that can run even on old machines
liveVoyager can operate on computer in which other Linux systems would not be able to function. Its architecture, the lightweight desktop environment, and an effective choice of software, allow the use of machines otherwise be archived.
liveVoyager has an excellent hardware detection
liveVoyager has a kernel with drivers for a multitude of hardware. Even the installation of proprietary drivers is facilitated with specific software.

What you can do with liveVoyager that you can't do with Windows or Macintosh?

  1. Forward to the new version legally and without paying anything
  2. Having the latest version of the operating system that runs faster than the last, on the same hardware
  3. Easy installation, and use of different graphical interfaces if you do not like the default
  4. Install twenty programs with one command
  5. The system automatically updates all installed programs for you
  6. Install the same copy of your operating system (liveVoyager) on multiple computers without license restriction fear or without the use of activation keys
  7. Give copies of the operating system and other programs that run on it, without breaking any laws
  8. Have full control on your computer, and be sure that there are no secret back doors in your software, from which they can get malicious software
  9. It works without the use of virus scanners, protections adware/spyware
  10. Use your computer without the need to defragment your hard disk
  11. Testing the software, decide that you don't like, uninstall it, and know that it will not be left fragments in the registry that can slow the machine
  12. Do a complete re-installation as a result of some error, in less than an hour, as I have enclosed all my data on a separate partition from the operating system
  13. Enter into a desktop with Flash and effects, as in Windows Vista on a three year old computer... in less than 40 seconds, including the time to type username and password to login
  14. Customize everything you want, legally, including your favorite programs. Contact the developers to ask questions, contribute with ideas, and be involved in the design of the distribution
  15. Have opened more than four windows of a word processor, listen to music, use desktop effects, contact a wider community and have Firefox, a instant messaging client, and an e-mail client open all at once, without having the system slowed down too much
  16. Use the command "dpkg-get-selections > pkg.list" to have an accurate detailed list of all software installed, make backups of your directories /etc and /home on a separate partition and recover your system
  17. Start multiple desktops simultaneously, or even to allow multiple users to access the system simultaneously
  18. Resize an hard disk partition without deleting data or lose it in the process
  19. Use the same hardware for more than 5 years before its replacement is necessary
  20. Surf the web while the system is being installed!
  21. Use almost any kind of hardware and have a built in driver for it, avoiding to surf the web to the manufacturer's website to get it
  22. Read the source code that constitutes the system and the majority of applications

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