*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Assistive Tchnologies


* liveVoyager provide to user some tools to enhance accessibility by users with disabilities. To enabling these features, just go to:

Main Menu → Settings → Settings manager → Accessibility

and following few steps.


To enhance keyboard accessibility, click on "Keyboard" label, and read the content in it.
  • Sticky keys, enable those who has only one hand, and can't hold down two keys at once. It can be applied to Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys
  • Slow Keys, useful for those who are inaccurate when hit the keys. To prevent entering incorrect letters. You can set a minimum time before the letter is printed into the document.
  • Elastic Keys, for those who may often beat more than one key. You set a minimum delay between one hit and next.
To enhance mouse accessibility, just click on 'Mouse' label.


In it you can set the keypad a mouse substitute, so you can move cursor using its keys. It's possible to set acceleration and other parameters.