*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Accessories


  • Appfinder - An handy tool to find your applications in the operating system, with a useful search bar, and a menu divided by apps categories. To track those applications that, once installed, does not appear in the main menu.


  • Calculator
  • Catfish - A powerful, lightweight and effective search engine, to find files, folders, objects, executables, and whatever else lies in the liveVoyager filesystem and beyond. Essential.


  • Thunar - To open the file manager window
  • Istantanea - To take desktop screenshots.


  • Leafpad - It's a simple text editor without any special equipment to text formatting. Useful to take notes, or to show some simple text files. Lightweight and versatile.


  • Note - To apply some notes on the desktop, to remember things or meeting, or whatever else.


  • Terminale - To access one of the most powerful operating system tools, through which you can have direct control of the entire PC.


  • Screenlets - Useful tool for managing screenlets that increase desktop usability.

  • Synapse - This is a very useful tool to look up anything in the system. By definition there is its applet in the top panel. Just click on it to display the input field you see in the picture below. Put in it whatever you want and press Enter and you will be taken to where you want to go.