*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Look



Thanks to its desktop environment managed by Xfce, liveVoyager allows a fairly extensive customization of its appearance, at various levels. The creator of this important distribution, made an incisive and dramatically change to the whole system look.
We can see the use of the Ambiance Dark Voyager theme, the Faenza icons set, the AWN dock (Advanced Window Navigator), and the use of Conky system monitor, that looks great just below the top panel.

You can change the window decorations theme, the icon theme, font style and setting the appearance of toolbars in each app windows.
Change the liveVoyager look is very simple, just go to:

Main menu → Settings → Settings Manager → Appearance

In this window, there are four tabs where to change the settings.

In the first tab "Style" you can change the applications windows decoration theme. You can choose from dozens of themes, and others are available online. You can see the look immediately, just after the selection.

Tab for the Style

In the "Icons" tab you can choose the theme of the system icons. There are some themes and you can see a preview, once selected.

Icons theme Tab

In the "Font Style" tab, you can set the fonts characteristics, also in relation to the screen type. You can choose the font type, antialiasing, which DPI and more.

Fonts Tab

In the "Settings" tab you can specify somethings about the system icons and sounds.

System icons and sound Tab


Tab settings for icons and sounds