*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Avant Window Navigator

Avant Window Navigator

* Avant Window Navigator is a Dock in which there are applications launchers, to simplify and speed up user experience.
In liveVoyager AWN is located at the bottom of the screen, but can be completely and extensively customized through a graphical tool that can be reached by this path:

Main Menu → Settings → AWN Settings

This tools has some tabs.
  • Preferences - Where you can set your preferences about some aspects:
    • Size of the icons in pixel. Just set your preferred value
    • Orientation of the Dock, by default it's placed at bottom of the screen. Just change the value to your own
    • Style that indicates the general dock appearance, and that may be one of several available
    • Behavior to define the dock behavior. By defaults is selected Intellihide. You can choose from several different behaviors
    • Autohide Mode or how to disappear if with fade effect or dissolution or other one
    • Icon effects that means hovering effects over icons
    • Start Awn automatically to automatically start AWN at the screen loading

  • Task Manager - Where to see which launchers are on the Dock, add new ones, remove them, apply the Dock to all desktop, and using best available icons. In this tab, you can replace the launchers by simple drag-'n-drop, and edit its parameters.

  • Applets - In this tab, you can see the applets currently in use, but you can add additional ones, remove and apply different location.

  • Themes - In this tab you can choose which theme to apply to the entire Dock. The choices are several, and each user can apply his own.

  • Advanced - In this last tab you can apply specific details to the Dock.