*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Checksum



Check the md5sum

Is a check made to verify the ISO file integrity. It's possible to verify if the file was damaged or modified; is a recommendable operation when you download files from internet.
If the downloaded file md5sum, merge with the md5 file, the file was correctly downloaded. On Linux you can check the md5sum with this command:

$ md5sum image_to_check.iso

(check can require a lot of time)
The result will be written on the console.
With md5summer (486kb) the md5 check can be performed also with Windows.

liveVoyager ISO images are always provided with a md5 sum file, and should always be checked before burning them. This is a warranty because, if there are problems, these aren't in the ISO image file.
You should check the md5sum in a console. Go to the folder where is the ISO file, and the md5sum file. Then paste this command in it:

$ md5sum voyager.12.04-desktop.64.iso

$ md5sum voyager.12.04-desktop.i386.iso

If don't match, it will print an error message like this:

"voyager.12.04-desktop.64.iso: Error
md5sum: Warning: calculated checksum does not match!"

If the file is correct, the tools end with no message.

The correct md5sum for the 64Bit version is:
The correct md5sum for the 32Bit version is: