*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Desktop


* In liveVoyager it's possible to change easily the desktop settings.
Just go in:

Main Menu → Settings → Setting manager → Desktop

In the window there are three tabs.

In the Background tab you can change the desktop wallpaper, the alternative color, the wallpaper image position, the brightness, and the saturation. By default there are many pictures, but you can easily set your own. Just click on green cross placed below the images list, then add your image setting the correct path to it (/home/username/mypicture.jpg).

Desktop background settings

In the "Menu" tab you can set which menu must be shown at the right mouse click. You can set also its contents. To change settings just add or remove a check.

Desktop menu settings

In the "Icons" tab you can set the icon presence on desktop, and which one. By default there are some (Home, System files, Trash, Removable devices), but you can hide some of them, removing the relative checks. You can also define the icons type and relative font.

Icons on desktop