*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Hardware Drivers

Hardware Drivers


liveVoyager 12.04 is a Linux distro with an excellent support for restricted software, but not for all.
There are lot of problems with proprietary graphics drivers (Nvidia, ATI, Intel). If you have one of these graphic card, you can experience some issues. Some times it's necessary to download and enable proprietary drivers, that aren't in the default liveVoyager system installation.
Usually after the liveVoyager installation, it will check the computer to find some hardware that require specific drivers. If there is an hardware component with this needs, it will shown a notification that report the proprietary drivers availability. Just click on icon in the systray to access the activation tool.
You can also access this tool following this path:

Main Menu → Settings → Additional Drivers

The tool start the searching for necessary drivers, showing which are available.


Off course it's necessary an internet connection.

To activate the preferred driver, just select it and click on "Activate" button.
The tool start downloading and installation process that can require lot of time. Once done, it's necessary to reboot the system.