*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - File sharing

File sharing


In liveVoyager the file sharing between computer in an home network is simplified by a tool called Gigolo.

Gigolo is a frontend to manage connections to remote filesystem, using GIO/GVfs. It allows you to connect/mount a remote filesystem and manage the bookmarks.
Gigolo is a part of Xfce Goodies, but it could be used on another desktop environment, as the only critical dependence is GTK2 (2.12 or higher).


GVfs is a virtual filesystem on user space. Require only a recent GLib version and a good DBus set-up. Provide tranpsarent access to remote resources, such as FTP or SFTP (SSH) connections, SMB (windows shares) or Trash (trash://), Burn (burn://), or even to your digital cameras (gphoto2://).
Provide a frontend for the connection management to these resources, to create bookmarks.

Visit the website and the help page for more infos and documentation.