*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Windows manager

Windows manager

* In liveVoyager is possible managing windows look and behavior, in relation of mouse activity. Just go to:

Main Menu → Settings → Settings manager → Window manager

Also in this case there are some tabs in which you can set-up lot of options.

In the "Style" tab you can set the title bar look. You can choose one from lot of themes, and you can see a preview when choosing one.

Windows title bar style

In the "Keyboard" tab you can set keyboard shortcuts that can modify apps windows behavior. There are lot of options. Just scroll some of them to see their usefulness.

Windows keyboard shortcuts

In the "Focus" tab you can set windows behavior when receive the focus. It's possible defining if the window can receive focus when cursor overing the window itself, or at the mouse click, and so on. Usually pre-configured options are the most useful.

Apps windows focus

In the "Advanced" tab you can set-up advanced options about windows size.