*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Update management

Update management

* Keep the system update is a must, a very important job for some reasons:
  • Having a modern system, provided with best solutions
  • Having a secure system, virtually immune by external attacks, and by internal applications failures
  • Having a lean and clean operating system
liveVoyager has a very simple update method, that allows you to have an update system in the core, and in the software. This method allows you to upgrade to the next version of the operating system, if necessary. To do so, there is a graphical tool that you can run following this path:

Main Menu → System → Update Manager

Usually liveVoyager automatically notify the availability of updates when you connect to internet. A notify icon appear in the system tray. Just click on it to get in the graphical update tool. If you want personally check the presence of updates, follow the path shown previously to acces in the screen like below.


Click on "Install Updates" button, to start the packages download and their installation.

Once the download finished, there is packages installation, that you see in the below picture.


Once all finished, the update manager window, notify to you that your system is update.