*Guida a liveVoyager 12.04 - System Installation

System Installation


System Requirements

liveVoyager is an optimized operating system, don't requiring lot of resources.
Minimal required features are:

  • PC : desktop or Laptop
  • Processor : Intel/AMD i386 a 1 GHz
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Hard Disk : 4 GB
  • Graphicl card : Able to support a minimal 800x600 screen resolution
  • Sound card : Integrated
  • Network card : Integrated

With these characteristics you can easily install, and use liveVoyager for a "normal" system use (Office, Internet, Music, Movies). If you want using much more complex applications, such as 3D graphics editor, movies editors, music editors, you need a much more powerful computer.

Following are recommended requirements
  • PC : desktop o Laptop
  • Processor : Intel/AMD i686 a 1.5 GHz or higher
  • RAM : 1024 MB or more
  • Hard Disk : 10 GB
  • Graphic card : With graphic acceleration (ATI, Nvidia, or Intel)
  • Sound card : SoundBlaster
  • Network card : Integrated


liveVoyager, like other Ubuntu-based Linux distro, has a graphical Installer very effective, and easy to use, called Ubiquity. Even a newbie can use it without problems.
Let we show the installation steps using the entire hard drive.
Boot in the live session, and leave the system load itself completely. Once on desktop, click twice on "Install" icon to run system installer.

  1. First step - Choose language
    Choose your preferred language at the left, scrolling the list. Instantly you can see that infos in the right area, will be translated.
    This first set-up will influence some other in the next steps. Click on "Install Ubuntu".

    Languge choise

  2. Second step - Ideal conditions for installation
    As you can see in below picture, the ideal conditions to install liveVoyager are:
    • There are at least 4.5 GB of free space on hard drive
    • The computer must be connected to electrical line, to avoid battery failure during installation if you install liveVoyager on netbook or notebook
    • The computer must be connected to internet. That to download and install all restricted software
    You can select the options to download and install all updates, or third party software.
    If you select these two options, the installation procedure can require lot of time.
    Click on "Continue".

    Time Zone

  3. Third step - Choosing installation type
    If the installer recognize an already partitioned hard drive, with other operating systems inside, you can choose which installation type to perform. You can:
    1. Erase the disk and install liveVoyager - if you want using only liveVoyager
    2. Installing liveVoyager along another operating system - suitable for whose that aren't able to leave Windows®
    3. Performing a customized installation - when you have an already partitioned hard drive with other operating systems, and you want to install liveVoyager with some extra characteristics (encrypt partition, for example)
    Let we see an installation using the entire hard drive.
    Select this option, and click on "Continue"

    Installation type

  4. Fourth step - Start installation
    Click on "Install now" to start the entire procedure

    Start installation

  5. Fifth step - Set-up time zone
    During the installation procedure, you can set-up your own time zone. Put the name of your country in the field, and click on "Continue".

    Time Zone

  6. Sixth step - Set-up the keyboard layout
    As you had selected your preferred language, the keyboard layout should be your own. If not, scroll the layout list to find, and select it. Click on "Continue"

    Keyboard Layout

  7. Seventh step - Set-up user name and its password
    In this window you must set-up the user name and its password, that must be insert twice. Attention please, because this password has the system administrator privileges, and should be strong.
    In this step you can set-up auto-login, useful if you are the only system user. Eventually you can encrypt your /home directory.

    User setup

At this point the installer continue the installation. Be patient please. You can read the nice slides waiting the installation end.
Once completed, it will shown a new window that ask you if you want to reboot the system, or continuing to use the live session.

System installation

If you reboot, the DVD will be ejected. Get out it, and click the Enter key to reboot computer.
That's all folks!

System installation along Windows®

Now we see a system installation on a computer with another system installed (Windows® o Linux/BSD/Solaris). Before start, there are some suggestions and warnings:

  1. Do the back-up of all data and settings you want to preserve. The main risk installing an operating system is the total loss of all data in the hard drive!
  2. Do the hard disk defrag (if there is Windows®)
Remember that FIRST you must install Windows®, and only AFTER you can install liveVoyager. The Windows® boot loader can see only Windows®! The liveVoyager boot loader can also see Windows®.

Preliminary steps

  1. Boot liveVoyager in live session
  2. Once on desktop, test and inspect the operating system.
  3. Check if the hardware is well recognized and working


  1. Run GParted
  2. If already there is a 5GB partition, skip to the next step. If not, you must create it.
    1. Click on the partition to resize
    2. Right click on it, then on "Resize/Move" in the menu.
    3. Click on the right image arrow, and drag it to the left. Check that in the "Free Space Following" field there is the value 5000 (MB). Click on "Resize/Move" button
  3. Right click on free part just created, and click on "New"
  4. It will shown a window with a rectangle with two arrow on left and right sides. You must create a swap partition (shared memory)
  5. Resize this free part until that is 1GB (1000 MB) in size. Click on "Resize/Move"
  6. Right click on free space, and click on "New" (to create the partition for liveVoyager). Leave untouched the dimensions of this partition. Click on "Resize/Move"
  7. Now GParted is ready to start partitioning. Click on "Apply" button. Wait until all is completed (it could be necessary lot of time, especially if the hard drive is very large. Get a cup of coffee!). Remember the name of the partition for liveVoyager (maybe sda3 or similar) and close GParted.
  8. Reboot the live session, so the installer can read the new partitions table
  9. Install the system as described before, remembering the liveVoyager partition name (perhaps sda3?).

By default GRUB, in version 1.99, set-up liveVoyager as default operating system, while Windows® will be configured as second choice.