*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Multimedia


* liveVoyager 12.04 is a Linux distro with great multimedia features, for listen to music, watch movies, but also for multimedia editing.
  • Clementine - A really great music player, able to manage large music collections, make and manage playlists, connect to web radio, and manage lot of online multimedia services. Its interface can be customized. Clementine can be compared with other greats music players such as AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Banshee, and others.


  • VLC - This is the most powerful cross-platform multimedia player, able to play almost all multimedia formats. Along the obvious multimedia playback, VLC can convert a file from a format to another. Customizing this application is very easy and effective. VLC is a must-to-have tool for all Linux user.

  • Minitube - A useful tool to watch Youtube videos, with ability to share them, storage them, create playlists, and more.

  • Sound Converter - If you want to convert a music file from a format to another, SounConverter is the tool for you. By default the conversion file format is .ogg, but it's possible to change this format in the Preferences.

  • Kazam - This is a tool to create movies about desktop activities. Useful to create guides and documentary.

  • Cheese - Useful tool for webcam use and management.
  • PiTiVi - Application to create, and edit movies. With lot of effects and functions.
  • Radio Tray - If you are a web-radio listener, this tool is for you. With it you can tuning with lot of radio channels, subdivided into music categories.
  • Xfburn - A powerful, effective, and lightweight tool to burn your CDs and DVDs. You can:
    • Burning, copying, erasing CDs/DVDs
    • Burning CDs/DVDs on the fly
    • Add data to multi-session CDs/DVDs
    • Burning Audio CDs


  • WinFF - A tool that allows you to convert movies, using only ffmpeg.