*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Removing applications

Removing applications

* To remove applications, in liveVoyager, is easy like install them, and you can do it using three main procedures, starting from the easiest:
- Ubuntu Software Center (USC) - Package Manager

Ubuntu Software Center (USC)

  1. Just run USC:

    Main Men → Ubuntu Software Center

  2. Type the package name you want to remove
  3. Once found in the list, click on it to select it
  4. At the right you'll see a 'Remove' button

  5. Click on it
  6. Put the root password in, and press Enter
  7. Confirm the removing of all packages associated, if necessary
  8. Wait until all process end

Package Manager

  1. Run Package Manager from:

    Main Menu → System → Package Manager

    put the root password in
  2. Click on "Find" button, and in the little window type the package name to remove. Click on "Search"
  3. Once found the package name, in the main area, click on green square on the left, and in the menu click on "Remove completely"


  4. In the tools bar, click on 'Apply' button


  5. In the next window, check the message, to avoid to delete some dependence mandatory to other packages


  6. Click on "Apply" button, then once complete, close Package Manager


  1. Run Terminal from:

    Main Menu → Accessories → Terminal Emulator

  2. Type in it:

    sudo apt-get remove package-name

    press Enter
  3. Put the root password in, and press Enter
  4. APT read package dependencies, and show which packages will be removed. Check all is shown, then type 's' and press Enter to start procedure.
  5. Close Terminal once done.