*liveVoyager 12.04 User Guide - Boot Disk Creator

Boot Disk Creator


liveVoyager provide a tool able to create boot disks, with operating systems inside, to a support that can be a USB key, or an external USB hard drive. It's a very useful tool for those that wants their own operating system able to boot into other computers.
To use it, it's necessary having a liveVoyager ISO image in your current operating system, and an USB disk, such as a USB key with at least 4 GB of free space.

Go to:

Main Menu → System → USB Disk Creator


To create a boot device, you must indicate an ISO image into the "Disk image (.iso) or CD" field. Then click on "Other" button, and put the liveVoyager image in it.
Then find the destination device. Off course this device must be connected to the computer, in order to be listed on "Disk to use" area.
Once found, erase its contents, in oder to format it with the ext2 file system. Click on "Erase disk". Confirm.
Once erased, click on "Create boot disk".
The entire procedure can require lot of time, then once done a new window notify to you that the disk is ready.